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  • Care should be taken, not that the reader may understand, but that they must understand.
    Quintilian (Roman educator)

About Us

ElectricSun Communications is a Canadian-based copywriting and translation company that works exclusively for the solar industry. By outsourcing to us companies get professionally written text, they get it faster, and they save time and money. Click here for a complimentary trial.

Our Product

We offer one product: Words. We service one industry: Solar.

Our concentration on one skill and one industry makes us a powerful writing partner for solar companies. We help them get their message out by putting it into clear, simple words.

You should consider outsourcing writing or translation

Executives outsource writing for the same reasons they outsource their public relations, website design, or car repairs. Outside specialists are useful for projects that fall beyond available skills, time, or staff. They produce professional results and save time, money, and stress.

Do you have an "Information Dump" on your website?

The hallmark of most websites written in-house is boring content—what writers often call "an information dump." It's common for a company to spend $20,000 to outsource the design and construction of their website and then try to save money by having an in-house employee write the text. The result? Instead of design and text reinforcing each other, the unprofessional text weakens the effect of the professional design.

Yet, for another $1,000 - $1,500 the text could be outsourced to ElectricSun, giving you wording that equals the professionalism of the design. Don't spend all your time and money dressing your website's body and forget to develop its mind. They should both be inspired.

Words are more important than design

Words tell the prospective clients who you are and why they should consider your products or services. Communication is crucial, but we all know how difficult it is to get a message out. You are competing with many other companies and you need an advantage. ElectricSun specializes in communication for the solar industry; we will give you that advantage.

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Go through our site and get to know us. Have a look at some of our clients. Or Click here to send us a file, sample text, or the URL of your website and we’ll rewrite a paragraph or two at no charge, so you can see the difference professional solar writing can make.