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What We Do

We write, rewrite, proofread, and translate the text in websites, brochures, newsletters, press releases, and other materials. And we do it better than any other copywriting company because our writers and translators already understand the technologies and language of solar energy. We write about solar all day; we attend solar trade shows; we read solar trade journals; we keep up to date with the fast-moving, global solar industry.

Outsourcing saves time and money

We not only provide our clients with polished writing, but we also save them money. How? When you calculate salaries, time, and lost productivity it can be expensive to write in-house. And if our improvements to your writing result in even one new client you’ll earn much more than what you pay ElectricSun. 

We can often rewrite – and transform – a $20,000 website for less than $1,000, and we can complete the job in a few days.  It’s an excellent proposition when you consider that the writing is more important than the design. Don’t forget: design catches attention but words keep attention. Design is the bait but what you say is the hook.

Click here to send us a file, sample text, or the URL of your website and we'll rewrite a few paragraphs at no charge. You'll be impressed at the difference our writing will make.