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Free Trial, Quotation, or Website Appraisal

Are you an executive trying to:

  • Find the right words for press releases, marketing materials, or your website?
  • Translate into other languages?
  • Do it with a limited budget and pressing deadlines?

We can help you. Give your writing workload and your stress to ElectricSun, and we’ll give you back well-written text along with your valuable time. And we'll do it for a fraction of the cost of a PR or branding agency. Click Here for a free trial or quote.

We know the language of the solar industry

ElectricSun works exclusively for the solar industry, so our writers and translators are both writing experts and solar technology experts. You don't have to educate us about solar.

Wording is more important than design

The text on your website is more important than the design because your words explain who you are and what you offer. But it's not easy to find the right words to catch the attention of your market. Professional writing, like engineering or accounting, requires years of training and experience. Click Here to try us out with no obligation.

What we offer:

Copywriting: Do you need assistance in preparing website text and other materials that are sophisticated enough for the global solar marketplace? Let us write it for you. Click here to send us an outline or summary of the project, and we'll send you a quotation and timeline.

Rewriting: is the writing in your website or presentation materials less professional than your technology? Give us your existing text, and we will show you how to say more in fewer words. Click here for a no-obligation trial rewrite.

Proofreading: Every word in your text must be used properly, the spelling and grammar must be perfect, and the sentences must flow. Let our proofreaders make sure your writing is error-free.  Click here for a complimentary trial proofread.

Translation: Many companies attempt to translate in-house. This often results in distracting errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax that make their text look unprofessional. Our certified translators are native speakers. ElectricSun will give you culturally correct translations that make your overseas readers feel at home, rather than feeling as if they are reading a message from a foreign country. Click here for a free trial translation.

Website Appraisal: Would you like to have a professional evaluation of the current text in your website or other materials? Click here to send us a document, or the address of your website, and we'll send you a no-obligation appraisal of the quality of your writing or translation, along with specific suggestions for improvement (if needed).

What are your needs? We can meet them

  • Website Text
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • White Papers
  • Investor Communications
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Speeches
  • Blogs
  • Project Profiles

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