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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the creation of original text for websites, brochures, and other marketing materials. The clarity of your text is vital. Our copywriters will work from your ideas and outlines to craft a message that reflects your unique voice and message. Click here for a complimentary quotation.

Why use outside copywriters?

Copywriters Find the Right Words
There's a reason why even heads of state use copywriters: professionals are better writers. Like engineers they've studied their discipline for years, and have a feel for it.

Copywriters Save Time
Are you a busy executive? When you outsource your writing you free yourself to focus on building your business.

Copywriters Save Money
Professional writing is one of the least expensive marketing tools available, often costing less than in-house writing. For example, when we write the text for a website it usually represents only 5 – 15% of the total cost of creating the site.

How do you turn your readers into clients?

Ninety percent of the visitors to your website will continue reading, or move on to another site, based on your first few sentences. Your graphics may capture their attention but it's your words that will keep them reading.

Can an outside writer say it as well as I can?

You'd normally have to educate an outside writer about solar technology and terminology. But you don't have to educate ElectricSun's writers and translators. Solar is all they write about.

Furthermore, our writers bring a fresh perspective: we know how to communicate with clients who may not be familiar with your company's technology and products.

What does good copy look like?

Copywriting is not just giving information: it's an art. Well-written copy compels your viewers to keep reading your website just as a well-written detective novel compels them to keep turning the pages.

Let us write your text for you. Click here for a complimentary quotation.