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Here are a few expressions of appreciation from some of the companies ElectricSun has worked for:

Jill Hansen
USA Sr. Marketing Manager

Canadian Solar, USA

"Thank you for your writing and research support. Your team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient."

Tina Barroso Guerra
Head of Conference Department
Senior Consultant

Solar Praxis, Germany

"We love the way John and ElectricSun have with words, even in the though field of technical marketing texts. They helped to translate and rewrote the English version of our new website. They did a great job with PV conference brochures and a ST installer's manual as well. I recommend them to anyone needing professional English. Especially working with John was great, as he is very reliable, communicative and delivers the new texts quickly."

Dr. Helmut Koester

RetroSolar, Germany

"These guys are great. I'm a German physicist and architect who writes understandable English, but our English website was full of little mistakes. It didn't sound professional like our German site.

We tried ElectricSun out on a couple of brochures; their writing was so good that we had them do everything: our website, downloadable Pdf's, and brochures."

Bob Noble

Envision Solar, USA

"Where else could I find professional writers who already know all about solar? Saved so much time. ElectricSun wrote the text for a complicated RFP for a Solar City project we bid on in Gandhinagar, Gujarat State, India. Very sophisticated writers."

Anny Jiangh
Marketing and Sales

Hareon Solar, China

"We had a problem: we know how to manufacture the world's best cells and modules, but not how to write the world's best English. Now we have both, thanks to ElectricSun."

Mabel Fan
Manager, Marketing and Sales

Jiawei SolarChina, China

"ElectricSun made us very happy by rewriting our main brochure. They were quite scientific: first they talked to us, then they sent a colorful Mind Map/outline of what should be in the brochure, then they wrote a draft, then they took our comments and then they sent the final version. And it only took a few days."

John Park
MIJU Solar Engineering

"I met John at Intersolar when I started our company. I needed everything: website, business plan, brochure, installer's manuals, maintenance manuals, and contracts. They did it all and did it well."

Elliott Gansner
General Manager – North America

pvXchange, Germany

"ElectricSun helped us evaluate the US market for our online component exchange; great writers who know the solar industry well."