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Expand your market: Go global

The solar industry is as international as the computer industry. Over 66,000 delegates from more than 160 countries attended the 2012 Intersolar Conference in Munich. If you want to market to companies in Europe, Asia, and North American you will need to translate your website pages and printed materials. By using their own language, and unique expressions, you will win their respect and ensure that they understand your message.

ElectricSun translates websites and other materials to and from most major languages, e.g., German or Chinese into English, or English into Spanish or Italian.

How our translators can help you

ElectricSun's translators are certified professionals and members of the Canadian or American Translation Associations. In addition to providing accurate translations, they will often recommend a different approach from the text in the original language, one more appropriate to the culture you are addressing. Yet, they will fully maintain the meaning of the original.

Don't say "Hello" when you could say, "Bonjour"

When a potential overseas client opens your website, and sees that it has a version in their language, you will have told them that:

  • You have taken the trouble to translate for them
  • You have made it easy for them to do business with you
  • You are an international company, growing and sophisticated
  • You respect their culture

ElectricSun specializes in translation for the solar industry, and provides United Nations-level professional translations, not awkward, computer-generated translations.

Contact us to help you communicate in the different languages of the worldwide solar industry. Click here to send us a few paragraphs to translate, at no cost

Rewriting existing translations

Companies from non-English speaking countries often have their English websites and printed materials translated locally. This frequently results in language errors that make their communications look unprofessional and make it obvious that the translator’s first language is not English. Let us rewrite your translated material so that it is as professional as your company. Click here for a no-cost sample rewrite.