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Careers: Working for ElectricSun

ElectricSun is growing rapidly and we are looking for writers, translators, and marketing experts. Applicants should have at least five years professional experience.

If you are interested in communicating for the solar industry send us an email with your resume and we'll begin a dialogue.

What does it mean to be a professional writer or translator?

Professional writers write full-time because they have a love affair with words, with the art of transforming abstract ideas into concrete expressions. They go to writers' workshops when their friends go to Las Vegas; they read other writers while their family watches TV.

Why do writers write? For the same reason painters paint: because they want to. We are looking for writers and translators who want an inspiring arena to write for. ElectricSun writes for the solar industry, the source of one of the most life-supporting of technologies: a means of providing energy for the world without environmental side effects.


If you have a marketing background, and are interested in connecting with companies in the solar industry, send us an email with your resume. We are looking for friendly, fast-thinking people with several years marketing experience. You should also be at home with modern marketing tools and social media.