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ElectricSun's Services:


We will write the original content for anything from a 100-word press release to a 15,000-word website. All we need is an outline or a rough draft. Your message will be clear and you’ll get noticed. Read More


We will rewrite your text or translation so it has twice the impact with half the words. Your text will be clear, concise, and correct. Read More


We will ensure that your copy has perfect spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax: an absolute requirement for a credible image. Read More


We will translate your text to or from most major languages (e.g. German or Chinese into English, or English into Spanish or Italian). Our translators are native-speaking and, like our writers, understand the vocabulary of solar in both the source and target languages. Translate and expand your market to the whole world. Read More

What are your needs? We will write it

  • Website Text
  • Press Releases
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Your virtual sales staff

Your website, brochures and other marketing materials are your virtual, 24/7 sales team. They are the tools you use to search for gold, so you want them to be as sharp and sturdy as a new shovel. If your text is dull you will be ignored. 

Relationship between design and content in a website

For a successful website you need both striking design and expressive wording. The design and wording must blend together as naturally as the music and words of a song. We will work with your webmaster and designers to provide them with words that match the power of their graphics, just as musicians and poets work together to create a song. Click here for a complimentary trial.