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Making dull text come alive

Rewriting is to text what renovation is to a house. Sixty percent of our work is rewriting—improving and polishing existing text or translations. Rewriting provides solar companies with the best value for the least expense, like fixing up an existing building.

To elevate the level of your text we improve things, such as the vocabulary, style, sentence/paragraph structures, and the sequence of information. We reshuffle the cards—we may move paragraphs around, add a heading here, insert a trigger-word there, or put in a call to action somewhere else. These improvements will make your writing more professional, more interesting, and easier to understand. Click here for a complimentary rewrite.

What sells your product—design or wording?

Both. But written content, the information you give about your company and what you do, is more important than website design. This cannot be emphasized enough. Well-chosen words turn readers into clients

Rewriting existing translations

Companies from non-English speaking countries often have their English websites and printed materials translated locally. This frequently results in language errors that make their communications look unprofessional, and make it obvious that the translator's first language is not English. We will rewrite your translated material so that it is as professional as your company.

Try a sample rewrite at no charge

Rewriting makes your message shorter, clearer and more interesting. Click here to send us a few paragraphs and we'll rewrite them at no charge, so you can see the difference better organization, style, and word choices make.

Example of rewriting

  • Before: (written by an Engineering PhD)

"We are a world-class provider of cost-effective, field proven, turnkey solar manufacturing solutions with modular, end-to-end optimization and upgradeability in throughput and process technology for both first and second-generation solar cells and modules."

  • After (rewritten by ElectricSun):

"We build turnkey, upgradeable factories for manufacturers of silicon and thin-film solar cells and modules."