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Our Team

The ElectricSun team has over a hundred years of combined experience as writers, editors, translators, and expert solar reviewers. Many have technical backgrounds, and all are fluent in the language of solar technology. Our professionals come from Canada, the United States, Europe, & Asia. Click below to see our profiles.


John Cowhig: Founder

John is the founder of ElectricSun. He has travelled and worked in over 100 countries and brings 30 years of writing, public speaking, and management experience to the Solar Energy Community.

Based in Switzerland and The Netherlands for 17 years, John traveled around the globe teaching, speaking, and writing for the non-profit Transcendental Meditation organization. His interest in renewable energy began in 1990 when he consulted on pioneering projects in photovoltaics for India and electric cars for Mexico.

Belinda Davies: Finance

Belinda has 23 years of accounting experience. She manages ElectricSun's finances and record keeping.

Carolyn Grayson: Management

Carolyn has a background in systems management, public relations, and education. She directs ElectricSun's administrative office.

Gemma Myers: Market Research

Gemma directs web-based research for ElectricSun. She has a degree in English literature and writing.

David Lapeyrouse Jr: Trade Show Representative

David has a decade of experience organizing trade show presentations. He now represents ElectricSun at major solar conferences and exhibitions.

John Allon: Corporate Development

John has worked in 11 countries as an educator, editor, and marketing manager. He heads up ElectricSun's marketing and expansion


Grania Litwin

Grania received her English degree from the University of Victoria, Canada, and has worked for 30 years as a reporter, editor, and feature writer.

Neil Dickie

Neil has an MA in Professional Writing, and an MBA. He has 20 years experience as a journalist, award-winning editor, publicist and marketing analyst.

Carol Linnitt

Carol has a MA in English from York University, Ontario. She has researched, written, and edited for the sustainability sector for 12 years.

Garry Foster

Gary has a BA in Literature, a background in public relations, and a 22-year writing career that includes solar energy and vintage automobiles.

Wayne Melvin

Wayne has a 25-year writing career that spans solar energy, high-tech, mining, real estate, finance, and small business.

Christine Schrum

Christine has 12 years of experience writing about sustainable living communities, solar technology, and home décor. In addition to journalism, she has a background in book editing and PR. Her writing has appeared in websites, brochures, and magazines.

Rosanne Wagger

Rosanne has more than 20 years of experience in writing and editing for the environmental, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries.


Christian Koenig: German-to-English and English-to-German

Christian was born in Germany, where he completed his pre-university education. When he was 22, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Physics and a M.Sc. in Astrophysics at the University of British Columbia. Christian has 14 years experience as a technical translator from both English-to-German and German-to-English.

His clients have included major solar and other renewable energy firms as well as patent law companies. He practices what he translates: the lighting in Christian's home is now 100% supplied by photovoltaic power.

Denise Okan: English, Turkish-to-German

Denise has been translating, editing, and proofreading texts from English or Turkish into German since1993. In addition to the solar industry, she has translated for governments, businesses, educational institutions, and travel associations.

Denise has an MA in Translation Studies, Political Science, and Linguistics from Bonn University, Germany; did graduate studies at Mimar-Sinan-University, Istanbul/Turkey; received a Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Cambridge, UK; was granted a Certificate of English for Business from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and did postgraduate studies in linguistics at Dortmund University, Germany.

Denise is a member of the American Translator's Association (ATA).

Robert J. Bemben: German-to-English

Robert is a German-to-English translator with degrees in both engineering and linguistics. He has translated documentation for automotive electronics, production engineering, telecommunications, and image/marketing, as well as solar energy.

Robert has translated user manuals, website text, and brochures for numerous German companies, including BMW and Bosh. His work includes SAP/Oracle case studies and the spectator’s guide to the 2007 America’s Cup yacht racing campaign.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, USA.

Robert is a member of the American Translators Association (Certified for German-into-English translation since 1992) and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Martha H. Dechow: German-to-English

Martha is a professional translator with experience in the automotive, foundry, and solar energy industries. She has translated patent applications and operating manuals for electronics equipment, mechanical devices, educational materials, and software.

Martha has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is an Associate member of the American Translators Association. She resided in Switzerland for 10 years and is skilled in writing Swiss-German translations.

Arthur Ling: Chinese-to-English, English-to-Chinese

Arthur is a translator, editor, writer, and educator who has been translating Chinese and English since 1990. He handles both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

His experience includes business contracts, company bylaws, financial statements, business proposals, bid submissions, promotional materials, and industry profiles (for oil & gas and telecommunications).

His technical translations include solar energy, aviation policies and regulations, product operational manuals, product specifications, patent applications, and psychotherapy training manuals.

Arthur is a certified translator (CTIC) and a member of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia. He has degrees in psychology, linguistics, and education. His post-graduate studies include course work in acoustic phonetics, computational linguistics, philosophy, and religious studies.

Kikuko Funabashi: Japanese-to-English, Japanese-to-German

Kikuko lives in Osaka, Japan, and has also lived in Germany for many years. She is a professional German to Japanese translator. She graduated from Kinjo-Gakuin University College in Japan, studied English at the Pacific Coast language school, Vancouver, and German at Trier and Bonn Universities in Germany.

Expert Reviewers

Roger L. Davenport

Roger has a background in physics and an advanced degree in mechanical engineering, emphasizing heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and computer modeling. A prolific writer, he has written over 100 technical papers, white papers and journal articles on subjects related to solar power systems, solar energy, advanced batteries and solar detoxification.

Roger also has extensive experience in the design, development, production, testing, and analysis of solar thermal power systems and components.

He has an A.B., Physics, from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.S., Aero. & Mech. Engineering, from the University of Arizona. He lived in Germany and Austria for five years and is fluent in German.

Joel Davidson

Joel has worked at all levels in the solar photovoltaic industry for more than 30 years, and in the building industry for more than 40 years. He owns and operates Solutions in Solar Electricity, a PV consulting company.

Joel is the co-author of "The New Solar Electric Home," the first published book about residential PV and a standard reference for PV installers to this day.

He has extensive design and management experience in PV products, systems engineering, and sales. He acts as a PV consultant to municipal governments, utility companies and businesses.

Joel is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the national and California Solar Energy Industries Associations, Association of Energy Engineers, ASTM International and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He and his wife live in a solar powered home.

Bill Adelson

Bill is an architect and writer with over 25 years of experience in architecture, construction and solar energy. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, and a Co-founder of Envision Solar in San Diego.

Bill received his degree in architecture from Princeton University and his MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business. He has managed building projects of all sizes.

At Envision Solar, which specializes in Photovoltaics for parking structures, he applied his design and building background to the creation of high-tech PV solar carports as well as electric vehicle charging stations.